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Wildlife Removal


Legendary Wildlife Removal

Georgia is one of the most beautiful states in the country, especially when it comes to diversity in wildlife. But just because you like getting outside and seeing a few animals doesn’t mean you want them sharing your attic or trying to find their own space in the garage when the seasons start to change.

At LEGEND we offer smart and effective wildlife trapping services to help you avoid property damage and keep children and family pets safe from danger, disease, and other health hazards.

Services Include:

  • Full Exclusions, Trapping and Disinfecting Personal and Professional Properties
  • Capture and Control of Rodents, Mice, Roof Rats, and Norway Rats
  • Catching and Humanely Disposing of Flying Squirrels, Grey Squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums, Bats, and Snakes

Common Wildlife





Our 5-Step Process

Our 5-Step Process helps us design a customized plan that will rid your home of pests and keep them out all year long. 

We begin with checking commonly known entry points in and around your property for current and future pest issues.

We identify and record all concerns including the types of pests and entry locations.

We share the information collected from our inspection with you and recommend solutions to remedy any current problems and prevent future ones.

We use eco-friendly pest control solutions to rid your home of all pests.

We schedule a plan for future treatments to maintain the protection of your property all year long.

Free On-Site Inspections

We offer a free, on-site inspection of every property to provide an accurate quote for service.  Just Complete our short form, and we will contact you within one business day to schedule an appointment.